The Best Waterproof Work Boots To Look For

45nrth-bergraven-grieves-fat-bikes-2As long as the boots are dry and airy everybody is comfortable, the moment it gets wet and damp, it gets very uncomfortable and even leads to bad odors with or without microbial growth. The shoe companies have found solutions to this with waterproof work boots to be worn on a rainy day or wet work areas. Since there are many products to choose from, we have simplified the task for you by bringing you a review of some of the best-known brands in the market. While some have a traditional and not so attractive look, there are others that are functional and stylish enough for casual wear too.  

  1. Timberland Pro: Pick any review for work shoes, irrespective of type, Timberland is sure to be on top of the list for best reviews. Timberland Pro Men’s Hyperion waterproof work boot is among their best selling boots. It is very comfortable to wear and has a range of four colors to select from. It is made of the very best leather and synthetic materials. They look great and are functional at work.
  2. Timberland Ledge Boot: This design looks stylish, is durable and waterproof. This again is made of leather and synthetic material. It is equally good for hiking and to wear at work. The rubber sole is oil, abrasion and impact resistant.
  3. Timberland Pro Pitboss: This boot is built for protection and is a steel toed boot. It is made of premium leather upper and synthetic sole. Its great design is oil, slip and abrasion resistant. It is even penetration resistant. It is ideal to wear to work.
  4. Skechers Men’s boot is a trustworthy brand made of leather and suede which is waterproof and a rubber sole. It is long lasting, strong and built for protection. The sole and tongue are padded and the cushion insole ensures comfort.
  5. Timberland Pro designed model 26078 for waterproof safety toe work boots. They are of premium quality and very durable.
  6. Timberland Pro Men’s 6” waterproof steel toe boot is designed terrifically and is perfect to wear at anytime and anywhere. The upper portion of the boot is made of robust leather and bottom rubber sole. It is available at a reasonable price.
  7. Wolverine Men’s Buccaneer 6” Contour welt waterproof boot is great at quality and employ multishox comfort system for added comfort. Pressure pads on outsoles make it impact resistant on hard surface. They are as good as athletic shoes in matters of comfort.
  8. Caterpillar Men’s Diagnostic steel toe work boot is waterproof and highly functional. It is with thermal insulation to suit cold climates. The sole is designed for maximum protection against impact and is built for comfort. The inner nylon mesh ensures that your feet stay dry. The steel toe offers great protection against fall of heavy objects or compression. The soles are slip and abrasion resistant. They are designed to look casual while being functional. They also offer safety against electrical hazards.

So pick the ideal boots to suit your needs.

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