Telephone Answering Service: How it helps to Win New Customers?

customer service woman smilingIf you are a local business owner, then you need to think about performing ahead of your larger chain competitors by providing excellent customer service. One of the studies conducted by the Global Customer Service Barometer has revealed that more than fifty percent of the respondents take a decision not to purchase from the same business after experiencing poor customer service.

The customers consider the quality of service as the second important factor to select a company to perform business. The study has further described the contribution of great customer service.
Personalized service
Knowledgeable representatives who offer satisfactory solutions and answers to the questions
Thanking customers

It is best to hire round the clock telephone service if you are looking for new business. It will make sure:

Calls are answered punctually: No one will wish to wait for long time. When the phone answering service professionals answer the call immediately, the customers will feel valuable. Answering all and any calls punctually is associated with the above three factors for improved customer service. You will be giving your customers a personalized service as a replacement of sending a voice mail. An experienced representative will answer the phone. You will be meeting new customers because of the prompt service.

Professional Script by the Receptionists: It is cheap to hire your friend or friends of a friend to answer the customer’s call. But you cannot expect them to talk in a professional tone. Some people think that anyone could answer the customer’s call. It is not the fact. The telephone answering service professionals will maintain a standard tone to answer the customers’ calls. If you hire call answering service from reputed companies, then you can expect a completely trained agent to answer your business calls. They remain active on all days and round the clock and answer your customers.

Call answering companies provide services for various industries like hotels, hospitals, travel and tourism, communication business, IT sector and more.

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