Five Mistakes Property Buyers Make In Jaco Costa Rica


Costa Rica is one among the hottest tourist destinations in Central America with its incredible waves, exotic beaches and world-class facilities. Apart from its unique climate and beautiful surroundings, the Costa Rica location is very appealing to the tourist people and expats. Jaco is the best place to buy a house and you must aware that there are certain places where you can get only high-end properties. Apart from Jaco, there are several other beautiful places that are suitable for buy your dream home in Costa Rica.

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Jaco, Costa Rica is situated near San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica.  From San Jose, you can reach Jaco less than two hours travel. But when choosing Jaco as your tourist destination place, you must find on the below mistakes where most of the newcomers always do in the tropical hotspot.

Jaco beaches are the best one for surfing. You never leave Jaco without surfing. You can see surfers of all levels in the Jaco beaches for the perfect waves. The waves, especially in southern end beaches, are easily controllable by less skilled surfers. If you are new to surfing, you can get a surfboard and take a private lesson on surfing. You can rent a board from any of the surf schools available in the beaches.

Population in Jaco has increased much more in the past decades because of the incomparable natural surroundings and best amenities available here. Because of that, it is mostly preferred place by expats. In Jaco, you can purchase home including golf course condos, penthouses with waterfront view and gated communities.

You do not buy a property and expect the price of the property increase in the future since Jaco has all the basic amenities and infrastructure facilities. Are you looking to buy a rental home? Then Jaco is the suitable place where the home can make income.

There are numerous activities you can do on the Pacific coast beach of Jaco. But swimming is not suggested in Jaco beach. Factors such as current and wave factors of Jaco beach are among the top five dangerous coasts in Costa Rica.

You cannot find party culture in most of the Costa Rica’s towns. But Jaco has new characteristics. You can find discos, casinos, night clubs and dive bars across the beach street. You can choose from the endless opportunity for the nighttime excitement. The crime rate of Jaco is also high since drugs are easily available in this town. You can avoid crowded bar and spend your evening in the cuisine at Jaco’s best restaurants.

Regardless of surfing Jaco has various attractions and activities for everyone. It is the suitable place for adventure lover, sports person, a wildlife activist, and for a regular beach lover. In addition to beaches with high waves and current, there are many land adventures in Jaco. There are places for short hiking, breathtaking waterfalls, and adventurous forest.

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