Choosing The Right Anti Snore Device From Among The Many


Snoring has been a problem of great ridicule in the lightest sense. On a serious note, they have also led to strained relationships and may be telltale signs of critical conditions such as sleep apnea. Everyone snores occasionally as a result of blocked nasal passages or medications, but those who snore frequently may need medical attention. Snores may range from mild to very loud snoring. Mild snores can often be remedied by a change is sleep posture or use of chin straps or anti snoring pillows. Snoring being such a common problem is often treated like hiccups. Everybody has a remedy for a hiccup, but none too trusted. Similar is the case with snoring, there are so many remedies available that you would never know what’s best and reliable.

After you have tried changing sleep postures, chin straps and anti snore pillows, and while surgery is out of the questions you may want to look at anti snore devices available in the market. Now this again is a tricky solution. There are so many products available that they can be overwhelming to choose from. Visit to view the best snore guard available to suit your need.

To understand the use of anti snore guards it is necessary to first understand the cause of snoring. Snoring is the noise caused when the uvula under the soft palate touches against muscles in the throat. This most often happens when the throat passage is narrow naturally or due to weak throat muscles which collapse during sleep. Men have a narrower throat passage than women and hence men snore more often than women. Medication, swollen adenoids and blocked nasal passage are other reasons for snoring. Sleep apnea is a dangerous condition as the throat passage narrows and blocks air passage totally, and the person has to wake up in order to breathe. This condition is often confused with snoring.

Anti snore mouthpieces function by keeping the throat passage wider. Anti snore mouthpieces may be widely classified into two categories, namely, mandibular advancement device (MAD) and tongue stabilizing device (TSD). MAD is a device usually of a boil and bite nature and is placed inside the mouth. MAD is made of a flexible material which softens on boiling and conforms to the shape of teeth and gums when bitten upon and holds the lower jaws in position, which in turn keeps the throat passage wide allowing air passage and prevents snoring. The problem with MAD is that it cannot be used along with dentures. They may also feel uncomfortable leaving jaws feeling sore in the beginning.

TSD have a bulb which is positioned at the tip of the tongue and on release creates a vacuum and holds the tongue in place without falling back into the throat passage. This, in turn, keeps the throat passage wide and prevents snoring. TSD is less intrusive than MAD as most of the equipment is placed outside the mouth, around the lips. Whichever mouthpiece you may choose, choose one of good quality as some may even be made of cheap plastics which may even be cancerous or toxic.

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