Accessorize For A Cool Hip Hop Look

hip-hop-dance-outfitsHip hop culture is popularly associated with its bling appearance. It involves carrying off excessive jewelry and other jeweled accessories such as caps and even mobile phone covers, in style. Hip hop culture is much idolized among the younger generations for being non-conventional. Imitating hip hop culture could be expensive to carry off so much jewelry and accessories. Jewelry has adorned almost all parts of the body and it has not failed to touch upon the teeth. Grillz is the jewelry that adorns the teeth. Wearing of grillz dates back to the Mayan civilization when precious gems like jade were pierced into the teeth.

Grillz came back in vogue in the late 20th century and wasn’t thought of as a big click in the beginning, but then it is here to stay as it has been widely accepted in the hip hop culture and has become all the rage in the 21st century with the rise of Southern hip-hop and mainstream pop culture.

Grillz may be made of different kinds of metal including gold, silver and platinum. They are sometimes even studded with precious stones such as diamonds. They are usually detachable although some aren’t. Gold grillz may be made up of 10 -24 karat gold and may be yellow, white or rose-tinted. Grillz can cost from as much as 100 dollars to way beyond several thousand and depends on the number of teeth covered and material used and embellishment by gems and precious stones.

New York-based, Eddie Plein is known to have brought back the trend of grillz and is the owner of Eddie’s Gold Teeth. Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Outkast, Goodie Mob, Ludacris are all rappers who have had elaborate grillz designed for themselves by Eddie Plein. Grillz became even more popular by hip hop music by Nelly, Big Gipp, Ali and Paul Wall. Wall owns a grillz business of his own and Kanye West and Cam’ron are among his clients. Rihanna too has been known to try grillz designed by Dolly Cohen a French grill maker. DJ Khaled popularized the grillz further by the song Gold slugs.

The expensive grillz are custom fit by dental specialists who design the most accurate grillz by molds and quick set alginates which give a perfect model of the teeth of a customer, and the grillz are designed upon it. The cheaper grill makers may employ the use of dental putty or softened wax for the customer to bite into to provide a model. There are several outlets and online stores that allow purchasing reasonably priced grillz.

Grillz fitted by dental specialists will be more comfortable and fitting but are expensive. The cheaper grillz have silicone adjustable parts that are a one size fits all model. The full spectrum of dental risks caused by grillz is not yet fully known. To stay safe choose materials that are inert and toxin free. Some metals may lead to allergies and bacterial teeth or gum diseases if worn for long periods. So before you choose grillz, make sure to do so only at certified and reputed clinics.

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